Mentoring Matters

Mentoring Matters


Are you a new Library Media Specialist?  Have you switched to another grade level such as from middle school to high school?  If so, you might want to address questions to an experienced library media specialist.



A Mentoring relationship provides emotional and intellectual growth for both parties. It is an evolving process in which both Mentor and Mentee gain insight and knowledge in their professional practices. It is an experience through which Mentors provide guidance, expertise and friendship, and Mentees share their knowledge and enthusiasm for learning.


CASL's guidelines for this program are very flexible. We will match Mentor and Mentee, and provide the Mentor with contact information. This is a one-year commitment which depends on courtesy, confidentiality, and mutual respect. Each pair will develop their own individual goals.


For one year, Mentors will agree to:

  • Meet in person, by phone, or by email on a regular basis.

  • Encourage the Mentee to advance and excel in his/her career goals.

  • Teach, listen, and advise.

  • Develop a mutually trusting and caring relationship with the Mentee.

For one year, Mentees will agree to:

  • Commit to the mentoring relationship.

  • Meet in person, by phone, or by email on a regular basis.

  • Set goals and work with his/her Mentor to achieve those goals.

  • Learn, listen, and ask for advice.

This program is intended to facilitate what we do naturally - offer encouragement, ask questions, nurture those around us.


Do you have a new library media specialist in your district?  If so, please tell them about Mentoring Matters.


Application to be a Mentee or a Mentor


PO Box 166 • Winchester Center, CT 06094

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